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What Do I Need to Stream Media?

FAST INTERNET: In short, you need a fast Internet connection (like our newer airMax Ubiquiti service).

DIGITAL TV/MEDIA PLAYER: You need one of the following Internet-capable devices connected to your TV: a game console (Wii, XBox, PS3), a bluray player, a media player (Roku, Apple TV) or computer/laptop.

VIDEO-STREAMING ROUTER: Recommended to get a high-end router designed to stream video.

(Optional) A subscription to a content streaming service like Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus or Netflix Instant ONLY if you want to stream pay for movies/TV. There are hundreds of FREE movies and TV shows available. You can use a service like Pandora for music and Flikr or Picasa for photos.

What's the Easiest Way to Get Started?

The EASIEST way to get started streaming media to your TV is by buying a Roku player. There are several models available, but all you need is the Roku 1 for $50. You can order it online or go to a local store like Best Buy.

home media center

What Is It?

A home media center is the modern version of the home entertainment system of the 70's and 80's. No more VCR, turn-table, cassette player, AM/FM radio tuner, equalizer, slide projector and screen, etc. No more bell-bottom jeans or mullet hair styles either, please.

A home media center is generally one device (maybe two). It allows you to watch movies, listen to music, listen to live radio, sing karaoke, and even show friends/family photos of your latest vacation, project, pet, or whatever. It's a modern home entertainment system in one.

One device (maybe two) and no fake wood grain or space tape!

What Does It Look Like?

A media center can be:

  • a Smart TV (has wifi and apps),

  • a digital TV connected to a gaming console (XBox, PlayStation, Wii)

  • a digital TV connected to a Roku or Apple TV player,

  • a digital TV connected to a wifi-capable bluray player (with apps),

  • a digital TV connected to a homemade media server (say a Windows Media Center PC),

  • a digital TV connected to a Raspberry Pi, Google TV, or some other media streaming device,

  • an analog TV (old school TV) connected to a digital-analog converter, and then connected like any of the above.

How Does It Work?

In short, it uses the Internet to bring entertainment right to your TV using one of the streaming devices above. That entertainment could be TV shows, movies, music, radio and photos. So just like you watch TV now, imagine that you could be streaming commercial-free music from your favorite artists, viewing Facebook on your TV, watching YouTube videos on your TV, viewing photos of your grandkids on the TV, listening to radio stations from around the world on your TV, etc. And all in digital quality - video and sound.

If you have a smart phone, imagine a "smart TV." It's your TV, but now with "apps" (applications) for video, TV shows, music, radio, photo-sharing, slideshows, games, weather, traffic, news, etc (see apps on TV screen below).